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Susan Tang-Petersen


President/Creative Director

Susan is an award-winning graphic designer with extensive experience in advertising and design in Bermuda, as well as in the vibrant, highly competitive European market where she worked for a number of years with a leading graphics design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Susan is a multi-talented individual who brings fresh ideas to any creative design project. Her experience includes advertising, design, branding, print design, photography, illustration and window display. 

But in the real world, as the head of the Company, her name is PRINCESS Colours, and it remains to her to keep the rest of our superheroes grounded. Which she does with aplomb, humour and, at times, a few colourful choice words and her own brand of idioms. The world of Colours is literally awash with colour, typography and a keen sense of balance, as she channels her visions through a magic mouse to bring it all to life on the screen or on paper. Her private passion is interiors, in which she lives precariously through magazines and real estate websites from around the globe. The world is, indeed, her pearly coloured oyster.


Claire James


Business Consultant

Originally from the UK, Claire has a thorough understanding of the world of advertising and marketing from working for State Street Global Advisors in Sydney, The Johnson Agency in London and with the Bermuda Sun, where she became a familiar face with many of Bermuda’s businesses. Claire now runs her own successful company, CJ Ritchie & Associates, as a leadership and performance consultant and certified professional coach, having trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an industry leader. It is our good fortune that Claire has joined our team as a business consultant to pull on her skills, expertise and knowledge to introduce our creativity and know-how to local companies that would benefit greatly from our services.

And over we go to her true self. Clairity remains a dancer at heart, after years of dancing professionally across Europe and on the high seas. That all came before she worked in advertising and danced proofs from agency to client through the streets of London, of course. Today, Clairity has landed gently on her feet and with a flick of her magic wand and an infusion of positive energy, she makes it all clear for you: the value, the inspiration, the dream…lighting your way towards great work. Be warned. You are about to have some magic sprinkled on your desk.

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Sharon Azab-Jones


Communications Manager

Sharon’s knowledge of communication is extensive and diverse, culminating from a lifetime of experiences and learning. She has worked with tour operator Voyages Jules Verne in the UK and Egypt, the Bermuda Department of Tourism and, more recently, with Redpen, a communication services company in Denmark, where her main clients were Microsoft and Maersk. Since joining adVantage, Sharon has pulled on those experiences, which have enabled her to write for any audience, using the right language for the right approach: creative, corporate and commercial.

In reality, Wonder Words cultivated her superpowers of communication through a journey across cultures, languages and countries. In some places she picked up the language completely (Danish), in others passably (French, German, Arabic) and in yet others, visibly (flailing of arms, hand to mouth gestures, verbal exclamations and, when all else fails, scribbled drawings). Luckily, her skills at putting pen to paper are far superior to her verbal ones. Beware her sword, though – because you’re likely to feel the tip of it if you use Bad Words. The same goes for Bad Grammar and Bad Punctuation.

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Nick Minugh


Senior Designer

Nick is a proud Bermudian designer with over 20 years of experience in the design world. He brings enthusiasm, imagination and productivity to the team, throwing his all behind everything he touches: annual reports, advertising campaigns, brochures, identity and branding packages, logos and websites. He is an award-winning designer who studied graphic design at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. 

On the real side, Bad Design is kryptonite to Nickman, and he uses his creative force to fight this evil in our midst. The Man of Brush adds dexterity, vision and pure imagination to the world of graphic design in all its guises and, when not at work, he uses his superpowers to blend graphic design technology with elements of photography and hand-rendered images. The results are as out of this world as he is.